Who we are

We are IP attorneys. We focus our practice primarily on protecting and managing industrial property and advising on regulatory affairs in pharma, biotechnology, cosmetics, food, alcohol and chemical industries. However we provide our services also to numerous other businesses (e.g. construction and interior design materials, furniture, toys producers, leisure services providers, publishing houses, advertising agencies) as well as advise in e-business development.

What we do

We prosecute applications for intellectual property rights registrations (patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications and other), provide protection maintenance services, litigate to invalidate intellectual property rights, advise on how to commercialize intellectual property as well as litigate intellectual property infringements, advice on how to prevent these infringements and help to redress their consequences. We advise also on regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household chemicals, alcoholic beverages, food and construction materials sectors.